Interview with a PR Professional: Lori Ames

Photo by: Fortune 52

Lori Ames is the Founder of the PRfreelancer–publicity, marketing, and public relations for authors, artists and small businesses. You can reach Lori at Lori was the vice president at a public relations agency in New York until her son underwent surgery and she was unable to return. After a while Lori wanted to get back in the industry so she started her own PR company called the PRfreelancer. I contacted Lori through email and we later spoke on the phone for an interview. Here are some questions I asked Lori.

1. What’s a typical week like?

“There is no such thing as typical”, she says. She works 7 days a week since she owns her own business. In the mornings she writes, then from there she is back and forth with producers and talking to the media.

2. What is a project you have recently worked on you are especially proud of?

There are many projects that Lori has been involved with that she’s extremely proud of and one is being her book being reviewed in the Wall street Journal.

3. What do you do to keep current in the PR industry?

To keep up in this industry Lori has to keep up with technology, be on linked in to spread the word, and have the most current and efficient computers and technology to keep up to date.

4. What do you wish you would have known before going into the PR industry?

Lori wishes that high schools and colleges would teach more on how to write efficiently than just handing out exams and such. Lori told me thatPR is a lot of writing, and you have to be good at it to be in this industry, and people need to learn how to write.

5. How important is writing in your career?

Writing is very important in her career. She writes every single day. When i asked her this question she emphasized how much it’s important to write and to write grammatically correct.

6. What are 3 tips you would offer someone starting out in PR?

Her tips are too volunteer to do everything, read everything, and ask smart questions

After interviewing Lori it made me more excited to further my major in PR. She was fascinating and I hope to own my own company as she does one day. PR is always changing, and never the same. It interests me how I will never have a normal week or a normal day for that matter in this industry.


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